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XRF analyzers

What is an XRF analyzer?

XRF is an acronym for ‘x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy’. With an XRF analyzer, non-destructive testing can be done to determine the composition of raw materials. The XRF analyzer provides information about the elements present and in what quantities these elements are present in the sample. The XRF analyzer bombards the sample with low-energy X-rays with an energy around 40 kilovolts. Each element produces its own set of characteristic X-rays that act as a kind of fingerprint for that specific element. An XRF analyzer is an ideal tool for performing both qualitative and quantitative analyzes of materials. The use of XRF scanners has increased enormously in recent years, and we see the XRF scanner especially in use in industrial applications.
XRF analyzer

Legal obligations for the use of XRF analyzers.

An XRF analyzer emits X-rays, which means that the scanner in the Netherlands falls under the Nuclear Energy Act (‘Kernenergiewet’). For all applications that fall under the Dutch Nuclear Energy Act, the following is in always mandatory:
Performing a risk analysis
Appointing a Radiation protection officer
Appointing a Radiation protection expert
Setting op a quality assurance system for working with radiation
Esuring a working method based on written protocols and procedures
Depending on the way of use, the owner must register the device with the Authority for Nuclear Safety (ANVS) or apply for a license for the device. NOXX radiation safety services can help you set up the right organizational structure and prepare the right documentation for a registration or a license.
XRF analyzer

When do I need a license and when a registration?

A device that emits X-rays is not allowed be used without authorization from the ANVS. There are two types of authorizations for an XRF analyzer, depending on how the device is used. If you use the device at a fixed location and always with a closed security cabinet, your device is subject to registration. In this case, you bring the samples to the device and you analyze them at a fixed location in a room set up for that purpose. If you use the device in various places without a safety cabinet, your device is subject to a license/permit. You analyze your samples at different places within your location. Usually, the employee walks up to the sample with the device and performs the analysis where the sample is located. NOXX radiation safety services can provide both a registration and a license/permit for your XRF scanner.
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