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Hiring a radiation protection expert

When do I need a radiation protection expert?

In the Dutch Basic safety standards lies the basis for the regulations regarding radiation in the Netherlands. The decree stipulates that every institution that uses radiation for which a notification, registration or license is required must appoint a radiation protection expert. The radiation protection expert is the new name for what was previously known as a coordinating expert. A radiation protection expert has followed training at the level of coordinating expert, for example the training that was formerly known as radiation expertise level 3. A radiation protection expert is registered with the ANVS and the registration can be viewed via the Register of radiation protection experts and radiation medics.

What does a radiation protection expert do?

The activities of the radiation protection expert are versatile and can consist of many different activities. We determine in joint consultation which activities are important for your organization. Several activities are legally reserved for the radiation protection expert. The activities that a coordinating expert can perform are, for example:
Drawing up reports such as the environmental analysis and the risk analysis
Supervising the correct implementation of the obligations arising from legislation and regulations
Implementing the quality assurance process, procedures and work regulations
Performing acceptance tests and periodic quality checks
Implementing (personal) dosimetry and optimization of dose limits
Providing training and refresher courses to the RPO and to other employees
Improving quality and radiation safety

De radiation protection expert of NOXX radiation safety services

NOXX radiation safety services can provide your organization with a registered radiation protection expert. Our experts are experienced and have a lot of know-how in different fields of work. Our experts are experts in human medical diagnostics, but also in other sectors such as industry, schooling and veterinary practices. You hire the expert for a certain number of hours per month. This is already possible starting from 1 hour per month. The number of hours must be in relation to the work and responsibilities. In mutual consultation we look at the wishes and the possibilities for your organization.
Our mission is to help you

Please contact us for a free orientation meeting without obligations.

During an orientation meeting, the radiation expert from NOXX radiation safety services will visit you at your location. In a mutual discussion we can get to know each other in a accessible way. We are strongly in favor of conducting such a conversation in person. Because the use of radiation and legislation is a rather tough subject, it is our experience that a conversation in person works more effectively. Our radiation expert can provide you with clear information and create a basis for future cooperation. Meanwhile it makes it possible for the radiation protection expert to see the application with his own eyes at your location, which gives us valuable information for handing you the best possible advice.

You can call NOXX radiation safety services (+31 (0)85 401 44 83), you can send an email to info@noxx-rss.com or you can use the quote form at the bottom of the page.