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Radiation permits

Does your company need a Dutch radiation permit?

NOXX radiation safety services is an expert in requesting and obtaining Dutch radiation permits, the so-called ‘Kernenergiewetvergunning’. The radiation protection expert of NOXX radiation safety services has many years of experience in assisting and managing projects where a radiation permit is needed.

Whether it concerns advice and a permit for an X-ray machine, a permit to work with radioactive substances or another permit in which ionizing radiation plays a role, our radiation protection expert knows all the details.


Types of permits we can apply for…


X-ray machines for hospitals and radiology


X-ray machines for dental clinics


X-ray machines for veterinary practices


Radioactive substances




Industrial applications




Institutions for research and education


Accelerators and cyclotrons

The process of applying for a radiation permit in a nutshell

The radiation protection expert of NOXX radiation safety services always visits you and your company before the application process starts. Together we look into the wishes you and your company have and the legal implications the use of your type of use of radiation has. The radiation protection expert of NOXX radiation safety services will give you a sound advice on the best way to obtain a radiation permit for your institution. For example, obtaining a permit for irradiating patients with a x-ray machine follows a different trajectory than obtaining a permit for the use of radioactive substances.

After the first meeting, a mutual agreement is drawn up in which the various parts of the quality assurance process are named and described. The radiation protection expert will provide you with a list of items that your institution needs to supply to NOXX radiation safety services. These documents will be used as appendices with the application of the radiation permit. EXamples are an extract from the Chamber of Commerce, an authorization with which you allow NOXX radiation safety services to carry out the application for the license on your behalf and internal appointments and protocols. The radiation expert from NOXX radiation safety services will guide you through the entire process and relieve you from administrative duties as much as possible.

When all documents have been received, the radiation protection expert starts drawing up the documents that must be sent with the permit application. Which documents these are differs per application and per the way radiation is used in your company. The preparation of these documents is always tailor-made. An example of this is the risk analysis that must be drawn up for each application involving ionizing radiation. The risks associated with using a pet CT scanner are different from those associated with using a handheld XRF scanner (for element analysis) in industrial applications. Customization and making the risks manageable for each institution is in this regard of great importance.

Once all documents have been drawn up, the application can be submitted to the ‘Autoriteit Nucleaire Veiligheid en Stralingsbescherming’ (ANVS). A statutory processing period of 8 weeks applies to the handling of the application by the licensing autority. This is usually followed by a round of in-depth questions from the licensing authority. Obtaining a radiation permit therefore usually takes 14 weeks or more.

Radioactive lable

When you choose for NOXX radiation safety services you get:

sound advice, extensive and personal guidance, and all at a fair price. We believe that working with radiation should be clear and understandable. We help our customers with good information given to you in a normal language. We help you implement your application of radiation, and we design for you the associated working method for that application. NOXX radiation safety services not only arranges the paperwork involved in working with radiation. We also make sure that people are trained, that the application is implemented in a functional and safe way and that all legal obligations are met. The goal we pursue is to completely ‘unburden’ the customer so that the work related to the permit remains manageable for the institution.

NOXX radiation services attaches great importance to the following values: accessibility, punctuality and accuracy.

Our mission is to help you

Please contact us for a free orientation meeting without obligations.

During an orientation meeting, the radiation expert from NOXX radiation safety services will visit you at your location. In a mutual discussion we can get to know each other in a accessible way. We are strongly in favor of conducting such a conversation in person. Because the use of radiation and legislation is a rather tough subject, it is our experience that a conversation in person works more effectively. Our radiation expert can provide you with clear information and create a basis for future cooperation. Meanwhile it makes it possible for the radiation protection expert to see the application with his own eyes at your location, which gives us valuable information for handing you the best possible advice.

You can call NOXX radiation safety services (+31 (0)85 401 44 83), you can send an email to info@noxx-rss.com or you can use the quote form at the bottom of the page.