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Quality control x-ray machines

Why quality control checks for x-ray machines?

An image of the inside of the human body can be made using X-rays. There are many different types of X-ray machines, each with its own application. A CT scanner is very suitable for making cross-sections of the human body, the C-arm is very suitable for imaging during surgical procedures and the regular X-ray machine is very suitable for making images of the musculoskeletal system. Unfortunately, the use of X-rays is not without risk. X-rays have the ability to cause cancers. Due to this so-called ‘tumor-inducing’ capacity, keeping the administered radiation dose as low as possible is of great importance. In the Netherlands, performing an acceptance test before using an x-ray machine is legally required. An annual performance test must be taken every subsequent year.

What is tested in the quality checks?

The mandatory checks consist of a large number of tests spread over subjects that occur to a greater or lesser extent with all types of X-ray equipment. When performing a performance or acceptance test, phantoms are used. A phantom is a block made of perspex in which image quality elements are embedded. By using the phantom an objective assesmentcan be made about image quality. The dose the X-ray machine needs to achieve good image quality is measured with highly sensitive dosimeters. A performance or acceptance test usually measures the following:
General characteristics: image geometry, perpendicular irradiation, light-field correspondence
Image quality: intrinsic image quality, contrast resolution, spatial resolution, response time
Automatic exposure control: AEC-cells, reproducibility of the AEC
Radiation dose: tube voltage, tube current, dose linearity, dose reproducibility
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Performance test

What does NOXX radiation safety services do?

NOXX radiation safety services owns a large number of phantoms and has a good set of measuring equipment to do acceptance and performance tests on all types of X-ray equipment. We usually carry out the first acceptance test on x-ray machines as part of a license application. The results of the acceptance and performance tests are processed in a comprehensive report that your company must include in your administration for radiation (KEW-dossier). In some cases, abnormalities with the machine are found while performing the tests. In that case, we will always contact the radiation protection officer of your organization. Where necessary, we communicate with the supplier in order to resolve the deviation found or have it resolved.
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