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Industrial applications

Why is radiation used in industry?

Many industrial applications use ionizing radiation. This often concerns situations in which an analysis is needed of the inside of ‘something’. With the help of X-rays or with large radioactive sources, the matter is looked through. This usually has no effect on the product, the irradiated product does not become radioactive. Also the properties of the material do not change. However, the use of high-energy forms of radiation such as X-rays or radioactivity poses a risk to the company’s employees. The use of radiation in industry is therefore subject to strict regulations. Applications in industry fall under the Nuclear Energy Act (Kernenergiewet) and the provisions laid down in the Dutch Basic Safety Standards. Depending on the use of radiation a registration or license/permit may be required.

Types of applications of radiation in industry

The uses of radiation in industry are endless. Where the human eye or other measuring instruments cannot reach properly, an application with radiation is often used. Some examples:

Bottle filling and height detection


Checking soil and materials in civil engineering


Checking liquid density


Contamination detection


Sterilization of goods


Irradiation of scrap metal


Automatic sorting of goods


Checking of welds


Irradiation of goods

Legal obligations for industriële applications of radiation

Applications in industry in which radiation is used falls under the Nuclear Energy Act (Kernenergiewet) in the Netherlands. For all applications that fall under the Nuclear Energy Act, the following is mandatory:
Performing a risk analysis
Appointing a Radiation protection officer
Appointing a Radiation protection expert
Setting op a quality assurance system for working with radiation
Esuring a working method based on written protocols and procedures
Depending on the way of use, the owner must register the device with the Authority for Nuclear Safety (ANVS) or apply for a license for the device. NOXX radiation safety services can help you set up the right organizational structure and prepare the right documentation for a registration or a license.
Smoke detectors

When do I need a license and when a registration?

A device that emits ionizing radiation cannot be used without authorization from the ANVS. For an industrial application, there are two types of authorizations, depending on how the device is used. In the more safe cases a registration may be sufficient. Strict conditions apply to this, which are described in the Dutch Basic safety standards. A registration is only sufficient if the risk of receiving any dose by an employee is very low or non-existent. These are often devices that are located in sealed (lead) enclosures and that cannot be removed.
Devices that spread the radiation in a more open character usually require a license. This often involves exposure to a certain degree of personnel or bystanders. The legalaties for a license are stricter and more extensive than those that apply to a registration. The company must meet a number of criteria with regard to both registration and licensing requirements before it can start the use of radiation. NOXX radiation safety services can help you with the legal implications arising from a registration or permit requirement.
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