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When is education required?

The Dutch Basic safety standards states that employees who work with ionizing radiation must have had a sufficient degree of instruction and have been provided with information regarding ionizing radiation. What is sufficient therein is very dependent on the application and the potential danger that the application poses. You can imagine that the (amount of) training for a nurse who must be able to operate a C-arm is different from training for an employee who operates a baggage scanner. There are also obligations for periodic further training and refresher training for radiation protection officers (TMS). These persons must regularly undergo a certain degree of training to refresh their knowledge of radiation and legislation. NOXX radiation safety services has a lot of experience in providing training and establishing customized solutions for radiation safety training.

What types of training are available?

The radiation safety experts of NOXX radiation safety services have a lot of experience in providing training, conducting educational programs and providing refresher courses to many different types of employees. From simple ‘radiation safety for bystanders’ lessons to more complicated pathways to improve image quality in veterinary practices, our experts have carried out. The options here may include:
Providing in-company radiation safety training to groups of employees
Providing training in technology, physics or radiation safety for radiology departments
Providing training to dental assistants, veterinary assistants or nurses
Implementing information programs through the company’s e-learning modules
Providing periodic refresher training to radiation protection officers
Implementing training programs to achieve dose reduction

The process of training by NOXX radiation safety services

When NOXX radiation safety services is allowed to provide training in your organization, the first step is to determine your wishes, the wishes of the students and to establish the learning objectives. We will then set to work to make a proposal for your organization that will achieve the discussed goals. We design the presentations ourselves that we use during the education moments. If desired, these contact moments can be given via online environments such as MS Teams or Zoom. Students usually receive a written course manual in advance. In most cases we no longer print these manuals, but we distribute them via PDF.
After completing the training, the students receive a certificate. A copy of this certificate can be included in the administrative system (KEW-dossier) to record that your employees have followed the training. If desired, the training moments can be spread over several days and over several locations.
Our mission is to help you

Please contact us for a free orientation meeting without obligations.

During an orientation meeting, the radiation expert from NOXX radiation safety services will visit you at your location. In a mutual discussion we can get to know each other in a accessible way. We are strongly in favor of conducting such a conversation in person. Because the use of radiation and legislation is a rather tough subject, it is our experience that a conversation in person works more effectively. Our radiation expert can provide you with clear information and create a basis for future cooperation. Meanwhile it makes it possible for the radiation protection expert to see the application with his own eyes at your location, which gives us valuable information for handing you the best possible advice.

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