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U need a Radiation Protection Expert for an extended period?

It often happens that organizations need extra support in the field of radiation protection for a longer period of time. Sometimes it concerns replacement programmes, relief of work pressure during a large project or support during maternity or other leave. It also happens that organizations prefer to leave work to an external expert and do not want to employ the people themselves. After all, with the employment of your own radiation experts comes a training obligation, registration obligations and other responsibilities. By purchasing this knowledge on a consultancy basis, these responsibilities are avoided.


Through NOXX radiation safety services it is possible to hire a registered radiation protection expert for a fixed number of hours per period for a longer period of time. These could be in the for of agreements for a few hours a week up to several days a week for a few months or longer. The possibilities are endless and can be determined in mutual consultation.


What does a consultant of NOXX radiation safety services cost?

NOXX radiation safety services can provide radiation protection experts for multiple types of work and at multiple price points. The pricing mainly depends on the number of hours that are purchased in one go and how many travel movements are involved in the work per period. Indicatively, the consultancy fee varies from €100 per hour to €150 per hour. On average, the NOXX radiation safety services offers are between 10 and 20 percent lower than those of comparable providers. We will discuss your wishes with you, explain our possibilities and make a clear offer with you in advance. There are no costs associated with this.


Please contact us for a free orientation meeting without obligations.

During an orientation meeting, the radiation expert from NOXX radiation safety services will visit you at your location. In a mutual discussion we can get to know each other in a accessible way. We are strongly in favor of conducting such a conversation in person. Because the use of radiation and legislation is a rather tough subject, it is our experience that a conversation in person works more effectively. Our radiation expert can provide you with clear information and create a basis for future cooperation. Meanwhile it makes it possible for the radiation protection expert to see the application with his own eyes at your location, which gives us valuable information for handing you the best possible advice. You can call NOXX radiation safety services (+31 (0)85 401 44 83), you can send an email to info@noxx-rss.com or you can use the quote form at the bottom of the page.